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What Are Single-Tooth Implants?

Single-tooth implants are the most common type of dental implant. They consist of two main parts. The first is a small, screw-shaped titanium implant that’s surgically placed into your gums and jaw bone. This implant bonds with your natural tissue and functions as an artificial tooth root. 

Then, a dental crown (false tooth) made of porcelain will be built and attached to the root, completely restoring your missing tooth. If you’re missing one or more of your natural teeth in Fort Worth, a single-tooth implant from Dr. Ryan Schmidgall at Country Day Dental may be right for you.

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The Benefits Of Single-Tooth Implants

First, single-tooth implants have the longest lifespan of any type of dental restoration. You can expect your implant to last 30+ years with proper care, and it could last for the rest of your life if you maintain good oral hygiene. In comparison, dental bridges and partial dentures usually last somewhere between 5-15 years.

Single-tooth implants also look and feel completely natural. They can be matched perfectly to the nearby teeth, so they will blend in with your smile perfectly. They will never move or shift when you eat, speak, or bite. Single-tooth implants also do not require any special care. You can brush and floss your implant just like a natural tooth. 

For all of these reasons and many more, a single-tooth implant in Fort Worth from Dr. Schmidgall at Country Day Dental is the best way to restore your smile after you’ve lost one or more teeth.

What To Expect From The Single-Tooth Implant Process

  • Initial consultation and CBCT scans – To begin the process, Dr. Schmidgall will consult with you and determine if single-tooth implants are right for you. You’ll get an oral exam, as well as a 3D digital x-ray with our CBCT scanner. Dr. Schmidgall will use these images to plan your treatment and create your surgical guides. 
  • Creating your surgical guides – If you’re approved for treatment, Dr. Schmidgall will use your CBCT scan to create a set of surgical guides using our FormLabs 3D printer. These surgical guides are used to make sure that your implant is placed in precisely the right position. 
  • Dental implant surgery – To begin the process, Dr. Schmidgall will clean and numb your mouth. Then, he will place your surgical guide over the implant site, create an opening in the gum and jaw tissue, and place your dental implant. Once your dental implant is in place, he will clean and suture the area to ensure it heals properly. 
  • Healing and recovery – It takes about two weeks to heal from the initial surgery, and it usually takes 3-6 months for your implant to bond with your jaw. Make sure to follow Dr. Schmidgall’s recovery instructions, and come in for any scheduled follow ups.

Final crown placement – Once your implant has healed completely, you’ll come in for one last appointment. At your final appointment, Dr. Schmidgall will place a false tooth (dental crown) on your implant and screw it into place. Then, you’ll be sent home to enjoy your new smile.

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Am I A Good Candidate For Single-Tooth Dental Implants?

If you have lost one or more of your teeth but your mouth is healthy and your jaw is strong enough for a dental implant, you are likely a good candidate for single-tooth dental implants. To learn more and see if you qualify, just contact Country Day Dental online or give us a call at (817) 731-9487 to schedule an implant consultation with Dr. Schmidgall.

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