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Implant Dentistry

Replace your missing tooth with unrivaled accuracy and expertise.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Doing so much more than just restoring your smile.

Enjoy your favorite foods and laugh without any pain or worries. No more slipping dentures or hiding your teeth, our implants will help you smile with full confidence.


Dr. Schmidgall…Learn more about our dentist… uses his extensive skills to design restorations that match the shape and color of your natural teeth. Your implant will blend seamlessly with your smile while having the same feel and function as your surrounding teeth!


We are committed to your dental health, which is why we use high-quality materials that are built to last. With proper oral care, your dental implants are designed to last for decades, even a lifetime!


After losing a tooth, your surrounding jawbone begins to deteriorate. Dental implants can stop this process by replacing the missing tooth’s root. Its titanium structure fuses with your bone and jaw tissue, preventing further bone loss and strengthening the area, thus restoring your overall health.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Explore the ins and outs of this innovative procedure.
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Missing a tooth can cause problems for your dental health and affect your quality of life. At Country Day Dental…See our homepage…, we offer custom-made implant solutions for a truly outstanding and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

He is able to accurately plan your implant procedure using our 3D CBCT x-ray machine and create the implant surgical guide in-house with our FormLabs 3D printer FormLabs 3D printer…Opens a new window to the official website….

Here is a breakdown of the procedure:

  • Planning Phase

    Dr. Schmidgall will only move forward with a dental implant procedure if you are an ideal candidate. There are several factors to this, which are discussed during your initial consultation.

    If you are a candidate, then the planning phase involves our implant dentist in Fort Worth, TX…Learn more about our dentist…, taking digital images (3D CBCT x-ray machine) of your mouth and jaw. He’ll use these images to plan and design your dental implants.

  • Creation Phase

    The images and data complied are then transferred to our 3D printer. At this point, Dr. Schmidgall will adjust the implant design and dimensions to fit your unique needs. Our in-house FormLabs 3D printer then creates the implant surgical guide to the planned specifications.

  • Placement Phase

    The newly created surgical guide is used to surgically insert the dental implant accurately into your jawbone at the exact position planned using our 3D CBCT x-ray machine.

    After a healing period of a few months, the implant becomes fused to your jaw. It provides a secure and stable anchor for a dental restoration with restorations that look, feels, and function just like your natural teeth!

Once the implant(s) is placed, we offer a variety of dental restorations including dentures, crowns, bridges, and more. After this innovation surgery, your smile will be complete again, and your oral health stabilized.

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I receive such good care! The staff is knowledgeable and up-to-date with current technology and training.

Debra B. (Actual Patient)

Why Us?

Learn why Dr. Schmidgall is the smart choice for implant dentistry in Fort Worth, TX.

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Dr. Schmidgall is passionate and thorough about every restorative procedure he performs. As an implant expert, he combines exceptional skill and artistry to provide the smile you deserve. What’s more, his faith inspires him to go the extra mile for everyone he meets, so he always strives to perform at the highest level.

He is dedicated to his patients, and through ongoing education, he keeps up with cutting-edge, new techniques in dentistry. He has completed many advanced curriculums at the prestigious SPEAR Education…Opens a new window to the SPEAR website… learning center.

As your Fort Worth implant dentist…Meet Dr. Schmidgall…, you can trust Dr. Schmidgall to partner with you to achieve your dental goals and transform your smile into a beautiful masterpiece.

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A healthy smile is a beautiful smile.