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The Benefits Of Custom Mouth Guards

  • Superior fit and comfort – Compared to off-the-shelf night guards and sports guards, custom mouth guards fit better and are more comfortable. This means you can sleep soundly with a night guard or breathe properly with a sports mouth guard.

  • Better protection – Since they’re custom-fitted based on your teeth and gums, custom mouth guards provide better protection while playing contact sports or while preventing teeth grinding.

  • Long-lasting – Compared to “boil and bite” mouth guards, custom mouth guards last much longer. Your investment can last years with proper care, and you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing your night guard or athletic sports guard.

  • Peace of mind – Some cheap night guards can actually move your teeth, which can throw off the bite and raise the risk of tooth fracture. Inexpensive sports guards may not provide proper protection if you’re hit in the mouth. Investing in a custom mouth guard gives you peace of mind. You’ll know that you’re doing everything you can to protect your teeth at your dentist in Fort Worth. 
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What Is A Night Guard For Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)?

A night guard is a special type of mouth guard that you wear at night, and it protects your teeth from grinding (bruxism). Night guards are made of durable plastic custom fit to the teeth.

Wearing a night guard prevents direct tooth-to-tooth contact. In turn, this prevents damage to your teeth caused by teeth grinding. A night guard can also position your jaw into a healthier position, which helps reduce muscle soreness and discomfort such as tension headaches and joint soreness.

If you grind your teeth at night, wearing a night guard is the best way to prevent damage to your teeth. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but a custom-fitted night guard from Dr. Ryan Schmidgall at your dentist in Fort Worth, TX will feel totally natural once you get used to it, and may even help improve your sleep.

What Is A Sports Mouth Guard? Do I Need One?

A sports mouth guard is designed to cushion your teeth and protect them from damage when you play a contact sport. They usually cover only the upper teeth. There are some exceptions, though. MMA fighters, boxers, and football players may opt for a mouth guard that covers the lower teeth, too, since they’re more likely to be hit in the mouth and face.

A sports mouth guard works by spreading out the force of an impact across all of your teeth and your gums. This means you’re much less likely to knock a tooth loose or have it knocked out of your mouth. According to the American Dental Association, the risk of an oral injury is up to 60x lower if you wear a properly-fitted sports mouth guard.

If you play any kind of contact sport or you’re involved in an “extreme” hobby like skateboarding, mountain biking, a sports mouth guard is a must-have to protect your teeth and your gums. And at your Fort Worth dentist, Dr. Schmidgall can create a custom sports mouth guard that will feel comfortable and let you keep your head in the game.

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